Highway 32 Church Of Christ

Sermons 2014

Speaker: Marc Curfman


Hosanna Lord

What Matters Most


Family; God's Plan


A Godly Marriage


Christian Parenting


Wives in Scripture

Kings: Ahab

Wives of the Kings

King Josiah

Nehemiah: The fortress that matters 10-19-2014


Choosing Death

Loving God Loving Truth

  Lord of the Resurrection

Enduring Hope

   God's Exclusive Group

Nehemiah 3
September, 2014

Last Kings
September, 2014

Nehemiah 4 - Trust & Purpose

Nehemiah: Beard Pulling


New Beginnings


Good News, Change is Yours


Give up and Win

Greatness with God


Matthew 24


Good News

Honor your Father & Mother

Nehemiah 5 - The Greatest Enemy

Modern Church